Open Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Are you ready to receive compliments on your jewelry for generations to come?

Bring your dreams to life with our custom jewelry design process! Here's how it works:

1. Schedule Your Custom Jewelry Design Meeting

Book an appointment online or call us at (802) 862-3608 to schedule a meeting with one of our associates. We are now accepting remote design meetings.

2. Start Designing Your Piece With Us

We will incorporate all of your ideas, preferences, and individuality into a CAD (Computer-Aided Design). We will present up to 3 CAD designs and discuss your revisions until your dream design is shown in front of you.

3. Handpick Your Diamonds & Gemstones

All of our gemstones are ethically mined and hand selected by our best experts. This part of the meeting will be more hands on, you will be able to touch and select each stone that will be placed into your piece.

4. Finalize Your Design

Upon your final approval of both our CAD design and stones, we will receive a wax model of your piece (upon request) for you to try-on and make the final adjustments prior to fabricating or casting your custom design.

5. Pick Up Your New Custom Piece

When you pick up your new piece of custom jewelry, we’ll discuss care and cleaning as well as providing an appraisal upon request. With your permission, we will take photos of the design to showcase in our design portfolios and social media.

"The staff is fabulous! They go above and beyond to accommodate every single detail." – Kate I.